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Government Sivagangai Medical College is headed by  

Dean, Government Sivagangai Medical College & Hospital, Sivagangai.

The Hospital Administration is headed by

Dean, Government Sivagangai Medical College & Hospital.
Dean's Quarters, 
Govt. Sivagngai Medical College, Sivagangai.
Ph.No: 04575-243780
Fax No: 04575-243781
E mail id: deangsmch@gmail.com
The Dean is supported on the College side by the Vice Principal , the Head of the Department of Pre – Clinical and Para – Clinical Departments and on the Hospital side by the Medical Superindentent  , RMO, ARMO, the Head of the Departmentts of Clinical departments and in the Hostel by Chief Warden, Male Warden, Female Warden respectively.

Vice Principal:
Dr P.VISALAKSHI MD (Pathalogy), 
A2-1, Professors’ Quarters,
Govt. Sivagngai Medical College, Sivagangai.
Email id:visalakshiathithyen@gmail.com.

Medical Superindentent:
A1-5, Professors’ Quarters,
Govt. Sivagngai Medical College, Sivagangai.
Email id: 

The College administration comprises of various committees like Medical Education Unit, Students Council, College Council,etc. which guide the students to create innovations in academic & extra curricular activities.

It also comprises of anti ragging committee & gender harassment committee which keep a check on ragging & gender harassment, thereby providing a pleasant environment for the students within the campus.

                                                               ANTI RAGGING COMMITTEE

The anti ragging committee organizes various activities to prevent ragging within the hospital & college premises.

Warning notices bearing strict prohibition of ragging have been put up in various places in the college, hospital and hostel to create awareness among students that ragging is a punishable offence.

A male & female medical officer is posted everyday to monitor boys & girls hostel respectively. They stay in the hostel & undergo periodic rounds through out the day to look for any kind of ragging activities taking place within the hostel. They accompany the 1st year students to dining hall.

The committee conducts monthly meetings to review the effectiveness of anti ragging measures.

An undertaking is obtained from each student that he/she will not engage in any kind of ragging activities.

All the students are instructed to contact either the members of the antiragging committee or the following toll free number to report about ragging activities, if any.

Toll free number for anti ragging: 18001805522

Dean, Govt. Sivagangai Medical College & Hospital.
Email id: deangsmch@gmail.com

Vice Chairman:
Dr P.VISALAKSHI MD (Pathalogy), 
Vice Principal,
Govt. Sivagangai Medical College & Hospital.
Email id:susilakms@gmail.com.


 Dr.Ananthi Prof.of.Anatomy
 Dr.Saravanan Prof.of.Physiology
 Dr.Ramanathan Prof.of.Orthopaedics / Senior Warden Men's Hostel
 Dr.Sheela Prof. of.Gen.Medicine /Senior Warden Women's Hostel
Dr.Senthilkumar Asst.Prof.of.Paediatrics / Warden Men's Hostel
Dr.Meena Senior Resident in ENT / Warden Women's Hostel
Thiru.Alagar Inspector of Police,Men's Hostel
Tmt.Geethlakshmi Inspector of Police,Women's Hostel


                                                 GENDER HARASSMENT COMMITTEE

The gender harassment committee organizes various activities to prevent gender harassment within the hospital & college premises. The committee conducts monthly meetings to review the effectiveness of gender harassment prevention measures.

Dr.Vimala Devi Vidhya MD 
Medical Superintendent (I/C)

Dr.Mahendrem RMO (I/C)
Dr.Gangalakshmi Asso.Prof.of.Gen.Surgery
Dr.Manonmani Senior Asst.Prof.of.Bio Chemistry
Tmt.Padmavathy Nusrsing Superintendent Grade I
Tmt.Thilgavathi Nusrsing Superintendent Grade II
Thiru.Govindasamy Administrative Officer,GSMCH,Sivagangai
Tmt.Mohana OfficeSuperintendent,GSMCH,Sivagangai.

                                                          MEDICAL EDUCATION UNIT

The Medical Education Unit organizes & co ordinates various CME programmes in both clinical & non clinical departments. CME programmes are conducted very frequently. Eminent faculty from various departments of our college & also from other institutions deliver and share new ideas & evolving techniques in the form of live events, audio & video presentations. These activities not only refine the knowledge of the medical professional but also motivate the students to redefine their goals and promote research activities among them.

Dean , Govt. Sivagangai Medical College

Dr.B.Sangeetha M.D (Bio Chemistry)
Professor  Department of  Bio Chemistry

Affiliated Faculty Member:
 Dr.Shanthi Prof.of.Pharmacology
 Dr.Karunkaran Asso.Prof.of.Gen.Surgery
 Dr.Vislakshi Asso.Prof.of.Pathalogy/Vice principle
Dr.Pricila Catherine Asso.Prof.of.Physiology
Dr.Thangadurai Asst.Prof.of.Gen.Medicine

Sub Committee:
 Dr.Ananthi Prof.of.Anatomy
 Dr.Saravanan Prof.of.Physiology
 Dr.Geetha Asso.Prof.of.Pharmacology
 Dr.Gangalakshmi Asso.Prof.of.Gen.Surgery
Dr.Manonmani Senior.Asst.Prof.of.Biochemistry
Dr.Peermohamed Asso.Prof.of.Gen.Medicine
Dr.Malliga Asso.Prof.of.O & G

Alignment Committee:
 Dr.Seetha Tutor/Ap of.Microbiology
 Dr.Rajesh Asst.Prof.of.Community Medicine
 Dr.Vedha Senior Resident in Anatomy
 Dr.Sivapriya Tutor in Physiology
Dr.Kavitha Tutor in Biochemistry
Dr.Sofia Tamilarasi Tutor in Pathology
Dr.Rama Tutor in Forensic Medicine
Dr.Krishnarajan Asst.Prof.of Gen.Medicine
Dr.Kiruthika Asst.Prof.of Gen.Surgery

                                                                   STUDENTS COUNCIL

The Students Council was organized with the aim of promoting various academic & extracurricular activities among the students. The council encourages the students to organize various cultural & sports events within the college, thereby providing a wide platform to show case their inbuilt talents. The Council also motivates them to participate in intercollege quiz competitions, cultural & sports events. Apart from these mind refreshing activities, the council guides the students to promote environment protective measures like tree plantation, etc. The students are motivated to celebrate various national & international holidays like Independence day, Doctors day, International Yoga day, etc. These activities help the students in portraying their various talents and promote unity, democracy, leadership qualities & social responsibilities among the students.

Ex – Officio President:
Dean, Govt. Sivagangai Medical College, Sivagangai.

Dr P.VISALAKSHI MD (Pathalogy), 
Vice Principal, Govt. Sivagangai Medical College, Sivagangai.





Members :

                                                                      ETHICAL COMMITTEE

The Ethical Committee aims at promoting research activities among the students. It guides the students to choose a project, define the aims, objectives  and research methodology of the project and evaluates the feasibility of the project. It consists of healthcare professionals and non-medical members, imposed with the responsibility of protecting the rights, safety and well being of human subjects involved in a project. The committee assesses
 the suitability of the investigators involved in the project, the adequacy of facilities to carry out the project, the methods and documents to be used to inform trial subjects and obtain their informed consent.




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