::: Biomedical Waste Management : BIomedical Waste Managaement
Components of Bio-medical waste      
Category 1 Human anatomical waste (tissues, organs, body parts etc.),
Category 2 Animal waste (as above, generated during research/experimentation, from veterinary hospitals etc.),
Category 3 Microbiology and biotechnology waste, such as, laboratory cultures, micro-organisms, human and animal cell cultures, toxins etc.,
Category 4 Sharps, such as, hypodermic needles, syringes, scalpels, broken glass etc.,
Category 5 Discarded medicines and cytotoxic drugs
Category 6 Soiled waste, such as dressing, bandages, plaster casts, material contaminated with blood etc.,
Category 7 Solid waste(disposable items like tubes, catheters etc. excluding sharps),
Category 8 Liquid waste generated from any of the infected areas,
Category 9 Incineration ash,
Category 10 Chemical waste.
Colour Coding Waste Category
Yellow 1,2,
Red 15L 3,6,
Red 25L 7 (after disinfection in red twin bin)
Blue 4 (after disinfection in blue twin bin)
Black 5,9,10 (Solid)

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