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The Department of Forensic Medicine, Government Sivagangai Medical College , Sivagangai was formed in the year 2013.


Assistant Professsor-1

Laboratory Assistant-1


I. DEMONSTRATION ROOMS:There are 2 rooms which can provide accomodation for 60 students with OHP facility & other audio visual aids.

II. LABORATORY: The lab is equipped with facilities for specimen examination, tests & forensic histopathology,serology, anthropology & toxicology tests.

III. MUSEUM: The museum has multiple medicolegal specimens, charts, models, prototype firearms, wax models,slides,poisons, photographs,etc

Library has 80 to 100 books dealing with Forensic medicine & Toxicology


Located within the hospital, with cold storage facility for cadavers providing accomodation facility for 25 students.

The Department of Forensic Medicine carries out the Academic activities for undergraduate students .

UG Courses 
Affiliated University
The Tamil Nadu DR.M.G.R Medical University, Chennai.
Academic Curriculum
  • Medical law & ethics
  • Identification
  • Procedure of medicolegal autopsy
  • Death& its cause
  • Post mortem changes
  • Pathology of injuries
  • Medicolegal aspects of injuries
  • Asphyxial deaths
  • Sexual jurisprudence
  • Forensic psychiatry
  • Toxicology
  • Age estimation by radiological examination
  • Examination of cluster of bones
  • Issuing wound certificate , drunkenness certificate
  • Examination of victims & accused in sexual  offence cases.

Academic schedule
  • The students of 1st M.B.B.S. are divided into 2 batches. Theory and practical classes are conducted by all teaching faculty of the department.
  • Seminars and group discussions involving participation of students are conducted every month
  • Periodic Internal Assessment tests both in theory & practicals and viva voce are conducted. A minimum of 5 - 6 internal assessment tests are conducted throughout the year
  • A model theory & practical examination is conducted prior to the university examination in the month of July
  • The academic progress and attendance detail of each student is communicated to the parents in the months of December and June every year.
  • Classes are held each Saturday afternoons.
  • Also FSL visits are conducted for the students.
Medicolegal Services
Medicolegal Activities
·         Conducting Autopsies on the Medico Legal Cases sent for Post Mortem by the Investigating Police Officers and the Executive Magistrates.
·         Conducting Autopsies on the ‘Exhumation Cases’ as requested by the Executive Magistrates.
·         Examining the Sexual Offence Cases sent by the Courts of Law and issue of the necessary Certificates
·         Examining the Cases sent by the Courts of Law and issue of the necessary Age Certificates
·         Conducting Spot Post Mortems as and when the conditions warrant, as per the request of the Investigating Police Officers
·         Examining and issuing Certificates for the ‘Autopsy Specimens’ sent from the various Postmortem Centres such as the Upgraded Primary Health Centres, Taluk Head Quarters Hospitals and the District Head Quarters Hospital of the same and nearby Districts.
·         Examining the Documents of Investigation and issuing the Expert Opinions on the Documents sent from various Investigating Officers and the Judiciary.
·         Visiting the Scenes of Crimes in Complicated Cases as per the request of the Investigating Police Officers, and incorporating the findings in the relevant Medico Legal Documents.
·         Examination of the Documents from the Investigating Officers of Prohibition and Enforcement Wing and Narcotics Wing and issue of relevant ‘Toxicity Certificates’.
·          Preparing, dispatching and maintaining the Medico Legal and Administrative Records and the Documents of the department.
·         Appearing in the Courts of Law, on receipt of the Summons from the Courts of Law for Deposing Evidence in the Autopsy Cases, Sexual Offence Cases, Age examination Cases, Toxicity Cases, Specimen Examination Certificates and Expert Opinions.
Autospy Activity
In the Department Of  Forensic Medicine ,we are conducting autopsies in all medicolegal cases which includes unnatural deaths , suspicious deaths, unidentified bodies. we conduct about 250 autopsies on an average per year.
We have an ideal mortuary with  2  Postmortem dissection rooms and two dissection tables with adequate ventilation, lighting, exhaust, running water supply, proper drainage  facilities &and also a gallery to accommodate 50 students capacity  gallery.
Cold storage facilities
Cold Storage -24 bodies capacity

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