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Pathology is second year MBBS subject and deals with study of cause and diagnosis of disease.  First batch of MBBS students were admitted in August 2012.

Department of Pathology functions with Professor, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and Tutors.


Associate Professor-2
Assistant Professsor-3


In the faculty block, pathology department is located in the first floor
  with two students lab, museum , library, research lab and histopathology lab.

I. DEMONSTRATION ROOMS:There are 2 rooms which can provide accomodation for 60 students with OHP facility

II. PRACTICAL LAB: The students  lab is equipped with 60 mono ocular microscopes, charts, histopathology slides, gross specimens, examination table with electric supply, lights and central gas connection.

1.Morbid Anatomy & Histopathology/ Cytopathology Lab: Fully equipped histopathological lab has been started with trained lab technicians. Surgical specimens from surgical departments , biopsy specimens from OPD  procedure  and specimens from forensic department ( autopsy)are received for histopathological examination.

2. Clinical Pathology / Hematology Lab

3. Service Lab

III. MUSEUM: The museum has 120 mounted specimens with charts and photographs.

Library has 85 books includes basic science, pathology, surgical pathology and haematology subjects.


Academic Activities:
  1. Seminars
  2. Group discussions
  3.  Regular internal assessment test       
Patient Services in Pathology Department
  1. Histopathology
  2. Haematopathology
  3. Cytopathology   including FNAC
  4. Clinical Pathology 
Published aricles:
1. A correlative cytological and histopathological study on superficial lymphadenopathy. Dr P Visalakshi, Dr S Malliga
 Tuberculous endometritis in a post menopausal woman- A case report. Dr P Visalakshi, Dr S Malliga
3.       A correlative study on FNAC and histopathology of thyroid lesions. Dr P Visalakshi, Dr A Vijayalakshmi, Dr S Malliga
4.       Chemotherapy induced changes in the ovarian tumours-histomorphology as a diagnostic and as a prognostic tool. Dr Shifa S Ibrahim, Dr M Sivakami
5.       Solid pseudopapillary epithelial neoplasm of pancreas. Dr Madhusudhanan Gnanasekaran, Dr M Sivakami.
6.       Pure choriocarcinoma of ovary- A rare case report. Dr Krishnaveni, Dr Umasankari, Dr Sivakami.
7.       Isolated Pancreatic Tuberculosis with peripancreatic lymph nodes in an immunocompetent individual mimicking pancreatic neoplasm- A case report Dr Jeyanthi, Dr Paribalaji, Dr Sivakami.
8.        A correlative cytological and histopathological study on lesions of salivary gland. Dr Malliga, Dr Sivaelangovan.
9.       Helicobacter pylori related gastritis in adults. A clinical, endoscopic, histopathological and rapid urease test study. Dr Rajeswari, Dr P Visalakshi.

Ongoing Projects:

1.       Incidence of neoplastic lesion in Cervix biopsy in NCD OP. Dr P Visalakshi, Dr S Malliga

2.        Prevalence of anemia and variation of hematological parameters in antenatal mothers attending tertiary care centre. Dr Vijayalakshmi, Dr S Malliga

3. Correlative study of thyroid profile and cytological diagnosis of Thyroid lesions.
Dr Aruna Mutharasi C (Tutor, Pathology)

4.  Correlative study of cytological and Histopathological diagnosis of Breast lesions.
Dr Dhivya B(Tutor, Pathology), Dr Visalakshi P ( Associate Professor, Pathology)

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