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Department was started on 1.8.12.


Associate Professor-1
Assistant Professsor-1

Department has one research  one museum & one animal house.

I. DEMONSTRATION ROOMS:There are 2 rooms which can provide accomodation for 60 students with OHP & slide projector facility

II. EXPERIMENTAL PHARMACOLOGY LAB: Experimental lab has organ bath for bioassays, eddy’s hot plate for demonstrating analgesic drugs, actophotometer to assess the central nervous system activities .Fully equipped to demonstrate the effects of drugs in animals.

PHARMACOLOGY & PHARMACY: Available with accomodation for 60 students. Clinical pharmacology oriented practical teaching methods like prescription writing, pharmacoeconomics, prescription audit, dose calculation, dose formulations are adopted.

III. MUSEUM: Museum possess charts depicting history of medicine, animals details, treatment algorithams for various diseases, medicinal plants & more than 100 drug samples. More than 20 models with drugs acting on various systems prepared by the ii MBBS  students have been displayed.

IV.LIBRARYWe have a departmental library with 82 books for reference by staff members.

V. RESEARCH LAB: Research lab is equipped with plethysmograph, electroconvulsiometer,  & cook’s pole climbing apparatus.

VI. ANIMAL HOUSE:Animal house is monitored by a vetenary surgeon. We have albino rats, albino mice, guinea pigs & rabbits. Animals are used only for demonstrating drug effects.


Published aricles

1.       CAF and CMF combination chemotherapy in advanced breast cancer patients- Dr Navajothi.
2.       A prospective study on efficacy of Cisplatin and Etoposide in malignant gonadal germ cell tumours-- Dr Navajothi
3.       Compliance of ART among 250 HIV patients in a tertiary hospital-Dr Navajothi
4.       Medical students feedback about formative assessment pattern. - Dr Navajothi
5.       Demographic status of MDR TB patients in few districts of Southern Tamilnadu. - Dr Navajothi
6.       Diuretic effect of chloroform seed extract of Moringa oleifera in wistar rats. Dr Hema

Ongoing Projects:

1.       Assessment of the effectiveness of early clinical exposure in teaching toxicology. - Dr Navajothi

2.  Perception of students regarding the Orientation Programme
Dr Subbulakshmi R (Tutor, Pharmacology)

3.Effect of Pioglitazone on lipid profile of type 2 Diabetes. [Short term Studentship Programme under ICMR]
Tarunika K M ( I MBBS), Dr Vijayarani R ( Tutor, Pharmocology).
4. Pattern of Adverse drug Reactions of Anti Tubercular Drugs in Tuberculosis Patients with Co-morbidities and Risk Factors. [Short term Studentship Programme under ICMR]
Dinesh Raja A (III MBBS), Dr Jayapriya B (Associate Professor, Pharmacology)
5. Awareness about the notification of Tuberculosis among private practitioners in Madurai district-A cross sectional study. [Short term Studentship Programme under ICMR]
Hareesh A (II MBBS), Dr Jayapriya B(Associate Professor, Pharmacology)


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