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Department of Physiology was started with adequate staff and other facility needed.
Teaching staff:
 Professor                    - 1
 Associate Professor    - 1
 Assistant Professor     - 1
 Tutors                         - 3
Non Teaching staff:
1. Clerk
2. Technical Assistants & Sweepers
  1. HEMOTOLOGY LAB: Adequate equipments available for all the hematology experiments. Instruction for whole batch and demonstration for students in small groups was done by the staff.
Observations are recorded and maintenance of record note books is regularly monitored.
  1. CLINICAL PHYSIOLOGY LAB: A fully equipped Lab to do the clinical examinations of all the systems is available. In addition students are trained to do perimetry, ECG, EEG recording, stethography, spirometry, mosso ergography etc.
Individual attention in given by the teachers.
  1. MAMMALIAN LABORRATORY: Facilities are available to do all the Mammalian experiment.  The experiments are demonstrated to study the various aspects of Blood Pressure, respiration and internal movements.
  2. AMPHIBIAN LAB:  Demonstration classes are conducted for the students on various Amphibian Experiments to enrich their knowledge in muscle physiology.
  3. RESEARCH LAB:  Physiograps, Polygraph, Blood gas analyzer, Colorimeter, Bicycle ergometer etc. available in the research Lab, which is air conditioned.  

            Accommodation facility for 50 students, adjoining the Labs with audio visual aids is present.


The department has a library with journals & 100 books covering various sub sections of Physiology.

            Theory classes are conducted every day between 11 to 12 Noon.  The classes are taken by the qualified teachers as well as tutors as per scheduled teaching programmes in the vision of academic excellence. Students having difficulty in the medium of instruction are given extra care and attention to cope up with others.
            Practical classes are conducted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week.  The students are divided into batches of A & B to attend the practical classes on Tuesdays & Wednesdays respectively.
            Tutorials are conducted on Mondays between 2 to 4.30 PM.  Seminars, Group discussions, Quiz Programmes are encouraged and conducted, the same is evaluated to be included for the internal assessment.
            After completion of every system in Physiology a test is conducted in the university examination pattern.  Minimum of 10 tests are conducted and evaluated to be included in the internal assessment.
            Theory examination is followed by Viva examination in the subsequent tutorial hours.  All the teachers are involved in conduction & evaluation of the examination.
            Students progress is periodically intimated to the parents notice.
1. An Integrated CME Programme involving all the I year departments was conducted on 17.10.2012.
The speakers from Physiology  Department
  1. Dr. M. Shanthi, M.D., Topic – Immunity – Basics.
  2. Dr. A. Jeya Jhansi , M.D., Topic – Blood group System
The speakers from Anatomy  Department
  1. Dr. Jeeva, M.S., Topic – Inguinal Canal and the Clinical relevance.
  2. Dr. Sunitha, M.S., Topic – Popliteal Fossa.
The speakers from Biochemistry Department
  1. Dr. Sasirekha, M.D., Topic – Liver Function test..
All the Academic faculties are routinely followed.
1. Quiz competition conducted on Endocrinology to select teams for inter collegiate quiz competition conducted on 29.03.2014 by Dept. of Physiolog,  Govt. Dharmapuri Medical College .Topic : Endocrinology.
A set of students from our Department also attended a CME on Endocrinology at the Dept. of Physiology, Dharmapuri

2. Selected  teams participated & got the certificate for the same.
3. Students are motivated to involve in ICMR projects.
4. Students are encouraged to interact with clinical departments as well 1st Year.
5. Students from our college, participated in Tamilnadu inter Medical Sports (TIMS) conducted at Madurai Medical College from 09.12.2013 to 13.12.2013 and won certificates.


Published aricles:

1.       Effect of yogasanas on glycemia and Insulinemia. Dr T Meena, Professor & HOD,Published on International organization of Scientific research(IOSR), Journal of Dental and Medical sciences, Vol 14, Issue-10,2015
2.       VEP in newly diagnosed hypothyroidism patients- Dr B Anitha
3.       Study of pattern of secretion of melatonin in saliva and sleep parameters in shift workers. Dr N S Sasikumar
4.       The association of Thyroid Dysfunctions with infertility in Females- Dr N Malaiarasi, International Journal of  Advanced research, July 28 Issue Vol-4,2016

Ongoing Projects:

1.       Does gender influence the stroop effect- Dr B Anitha

2.       Correlation between Blood groups and Dermatoglyphics- Dr N S Sasikumar

3.       Neck circumference as a better screening tool for identifying obesity in off springs of diabetes- Dr V Roseline Jesintha

4. Influence of Smoking on Obesity – Dr. R.Priya, Tutor

5. Effect of Passive Smoking on pulmonary test – Dr. K. Geethanjali  (Palm for Tests)

6. Effect of Aging on ECG - Dr. Jannath Hameedha Banu, Tutor.

7. Correlation of Sagittal abdominal and neck circumference with diastolic blood pressure in overweight and obese individuals.
Meena N (I MBBS), Dr Seethalakshmi K  (Assistant Professor, Physiology), Dr Precilla Catherine A (Associate Professor, Physiology).

8. Blood pressure changes in response to physical stress test in normotensive individual with and without the family history of hypertension in tertiary health centre. [Short term Studentship Programme under ICMR]
Prithi  Priyadharshini S (I MBBS), Dr Hoshea jeba Ruth S (Assistant Professor, Physiology).

 9. Study of cardiovascular responses to isometric hand grip test in medical students with hypertension parents.
Bharani kumar A (I MBBS), Dr Sivapriya A (Assistant Professor, Physiology).

10. Barriers to effective utilization of teaching –learning methods – A qualitative study using focus group discussion among first year MBBS students. [Short term Studentship Programme under ICMR]
Srinivasa Nambi P (I MBBS), Dr Precilla Catherine A (Associate Professor,  Physiology).

11. Are today’s headphone users tomorrow’s hearing aid candidates? A study on impact of mobile headphone usage on auditory function in college students.
Gokul Veeranan S M (I MBBS), Dr Precilla Catherine A (Associate Professor, Physiology).

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